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Renewing Hope for Our Neighbors in Need

Through Food, Spiritual Care, and Education

For many of our neighbors, it's a daily struggle to put food on the table.

Some are choosing which bills to pay.
Some can't remember the last time they had a full pantry.
Some have never had to ask for help before.
Others are fighting to escape the poverty their parents and grandparents lived with.

No one should be embarrassed to ask for help.

At Second Mile, we know that meeting the needs of our neighbors in poverty takes a whole community. That’s why we combine our time, money, and efforts to give hope to local families in need. Second Mile has been serving our neighbors in Fort Bend since 1990 and has the infrastructure and processes to serve a high volume of people in a short time, while also building deep relationships. We provide food, clothing, spiritual care, and classes to help neighbors get and stay out of poverty. Food is the number one service provided because it is the greatest daily need and we believe no one should go to bed hungry.

Neighbors can find support at Second Mile in a judgment-free, uplifting atmosphere. We’re here to cheer them on as they work toward the dreams and desires they have for themselves and their family. Whether they need a listening ear, prayer, or simply food, we are here for them.

Here's How Neighbors Can Get Help:

Receive Food for Their Household
When people are hungry, it’s hard to think about anything else. They can pick up groceries from our Park & Pickup program or our mobile pantry events, or receive fresh produce from our food fairs around the community.
Get Food
Purchase Affordable Clothes
Buying clothes that you like and will last can be expensive. Our neighbors can find high quality clothes, furniture, and accessories at affordable prices at our resale store. Yes, people can look amazing on a budget! (Dresses for $6, anyone?)
About The Opportunity Shop
Experience Life-Changing Training
Our Neighbors may be looking for more than just food. If they have major goals, such as finding a job, increasing their income, or improving their health, our Equip2Grow program offers classes that will help them reach those milestones.
Classes Offered

Here's How You Can Partner With Us:

Give to support local neighbors in need
Financial donations help your neighbors have nutritious meals, work toward major life goals, and find a listening ear with no judgment. Every dollar is stretched and leveraged through in-kind donations and volunteer support.
Volunteer in different ways
This work doesn't happen without compassionate volunteers. Volunteers often start in the food pantry, warehouse, and resale store. Whether you're physically at Second Mile or collecting food and clothing drive items, it makes a difference.
Pray for your neighbors in need
Your prayerful support goes a long way. Our ministry cannot function apart from the love and grace of God. We ask that you pray for our neighbors, volunteers, staff, and for the resources to serve well while following God’s guidance.
  • "I found out there's a lot of opportunity at Second Mile and a lot of help for people in need of it. I tell them, 'Don't be ashamed to come in...Second Mile's here to help you.'"

    Linda, Neighbor
  • "If we did not have a partnership with Second Mile, we would not be able to do what we do with our food fair. We serve people like a lady who came five hours early in her car to receive food."

    Dale Olson, Fulshear Family Hope
  • "When we greet everyone as we load food, usually they're saying, 'Thank you, thank you'. You can see they're in need, and they're grateful."

    Kevin Johnson, Board Member & Volunteer
  • "When we join services with an organization that already serves people, we can do a lot more with our time. Second Mile doesn't require us to reinvent the wheel."

    Kristen Manz, Volunteer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum age to volunteer at Second Mile?
Individuals ages 12 to 15 may volunteer alongside an adult and must stay with them at all times. Individuals ages 16 and older may volunteer on their own.
I’m looking for a group volunteer opportunity in Missouri City. Can my group come to Second Mile?
Yes, please! We would love to have your group come and serve with us! Please visit the Volunteer page and fill out the interest form and you will hear from us soon!
How do volunteers help at Second Mile?
Volunteers sign up here and are placed where most needed. That might include sorting canned goods or produce in the warehouse, placing groceries in vehicles, hanging clothes, sweeping the floor, receiving donated items, etc. Volunteers play a huge role in making the people we serve feel welcome.
Where do I enter and sign in when I arrive?
Park in the front lot, and enter through the door on the left facing Beltway 8 and Dream Ct. You'll be greeted by our Volunteer Coordinator at our Volunteer Check In station, and we will help you get checked in before you get to work.
What happens to the food and other items I donate?
Volunteers sort food and put it into bags that go directly to families in need who visit Second Mile, or the food is delivered to a neighborhood or other distribution site and then given to families. Clothing, furniture, and household items are sorted and placed in The Opportunity Shop resale store. Stained, torn, or unusable items are purchased by a recycling company. Proceeds help fuel Second Mile’s programs and feed and equip our Neighbors.
What is Second Mile’s overhead cost?
97.7 cents of every dollar donated go directly into programs to help our Neighbors. Every dollar is stretched and maximized with the help of volunteer hours, in-kind donations, and community partnerships.
I'm ready to help my neighbors in need. Donate Today.
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Second Mile demonstrates the love of Jesus​ by​ offering physical and spiritual care to our neighbors living in material poverty or crisis, providing personal growth and empowerment opportunities,​ and inviting others to become compassionately involved.
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