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Mission 3


Second Mile exists to love our neighbors by meeting physical needs and equipping them to lead a responsible life in Christ.



A group of concerned men and women founded Second Mile Mission Center to reach out to the less fortunate in our community. The group started by paying light bills and distributing food they collected in the closet of a local church.


Second Mile became an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit with its own location in Stafford, Texas.

A Few Years Later

Second Mile began Fort Bend County’s only free medical and dental clinic, with volunteer doctors, dentists, and other health care professionals donating their time to help adults without health insurance.


The organization began a homeless outreach to build relationships and provide care for people who live on the streets. In the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Second Mile provided food, water, clothing, household items, and other resources to thousands of affected families.


Second Mile has done the same following Hurricane Ike, Brazos River flooding, Hurricane Harvey, the pandemic, and the 2021 winter storm. Hurricane Harvey relief efforts reached 130 families a day at Second Mile’s facility and hundreds more through neighborhood deliveries.


During the pandemic, Second Mile served as many as 1,200 families in a five-hour period.


In 2013, Second Mile moved to a new leased facility in Missouri City at the corner of Beltway 8 and 90. Generous donors helped purchase the location in 2021 to ensure long-term stability and the ability to help through future disasters and ongoing community need.

The Need to Address Poverty

For children living in poverty, a lack of food can delay growth and learning. Children facing hunger are more likely to repeat a grade in school or have behavioral challenges. Adults and seniors in poverty often see health challenges compound, with the weight of the family’s needs upon them.

Our local neighbors face decisions like whether to pay for their light bill, a doctor’s visit, or eyeglasses. This is debilitating for those with chronic conditions, such as diabetes or hypertension, that continue to go uncared for when funds are short. Around 40 percent of individuals served are children, 50 percent are adults ages 18 to 64, and 10% are seniors ages 65 and up.


Listening & Serving Basic Needs
Second Mile helps adults and children access nutritious food through the Park & Pickup program at our Missouri City facility as well as neighborhood fresh produce food fairs and mobile pantry deliveries in high need areas. Staff provide a listening ear at intake sessions, where individuals are often sharing their story for the first time and are in need of hope and support. Volunteers and partners help Second Mile serve hundreds of families every week. When funds are available, Second Mile provides financial assistance to individuals who qualify.
Equipping Neighbors to Grow
When we survey our neighbors, their major challenges include finances, jobs, health, and English language proficiency. In the Equip2Grow program, we design and schedule classes based on these needs and ongoing feedback.

For example, Second Mile helps families learn about budgeting, saving, and getting out of debt. This helps ensure they can work on the goals important to them and have a support group to celebrate their wins.
Connecting to Christ & Community
We help our neighbors grow in their faith, live into their strengths, and become leaders in their community. A visit to Second Mile is often one step in the journey of how God is working in their lives. Some of our neighbors walk in completely hopeless. They need to be heard and to know there is a reason to hope. Many are giving so much to their community and encouraging other people even through their hardship. No matter what stage someone is in, we’re here to walk alongside them.
Second Mile demonstrates the love of Jesus​ by​ offering physical and spiritual care to our neighbors living in material poverty or crisis, providing personal growth and empowerment opportunities,​ and inviting others to become compassionately involved.
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